Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Dreaded First Post

The dreaded first post; a time of awkward introduction and a nervous 'hello'- is there any real way to say it easier than 'here I am, this is who I am, read on (or not)!"?

Maybe so, but I'm not nearly so eloquent with words. I've always relied on the visual to convey my ideas, and so to an extent, that is what this blog is about. I'm a visual artist, but at heart and by trade... art is how I earn my bread and how I soothe my soul. It is wonderful, enriching, enlightening, frustrating, messy, never-quite-right. Nonetheless, here it is, and here I am!

I try to hover between two worlds; I take pride in the work I do and I think that some of it can hold its own, whatever that is supposed to mean. However I know I am still just an infant in the art world and the things I have yet to learn greatly outnumber the things I know. I am constantly seeking to improve and am stumbling along as I do. I also have a sense of humor- I never quite take myself seriously, and I get a good laugh out of the ugly, messy, goofy things I've painted (and will paint). And as such I am always open to constructive critique should anyone desire to give it. Most of the time when I post art I am ready to be done with it; so while I may not correct things that are pointed out, I am still learning from those mistakes.

So, welcome! I hope you enjoy what you see here, and I'm honored my words and art have caught your eye even if only for a moment in the vast sea of the internet. The fact that you are here is a great honor to me.


  1. Hurray, you have a blog here! :D I'll have to start reading more blogs here now instead of just updating and wandering off.

  2. I feel rather silly taking (not so first) comment. However, I'm sensing reluctance on your part, and felt it best addressed with a longer reply.

    First, it may come as a shock, but you've inspired many people I've come to meet. In particular, the denizens of Istaria (former and current) still talk about your work as nothing short of awe.

    Where it comes to putting those feelings into writing, I tend to prefer the old writer's truism of "Show, don't tell." I'm also quite interested in how you make your art and what you think of each piece.

    However, I'm guessing you want your words to stand on their own, as well?

    For this, I would defer to someone like baxil -- who was able to cultivate what he felt into a universe all his own.

    I wish you luck in making your thoughts known. I've tried it many times, and always came back to doing so in reply, as here.

    Write well. We have faith in you. :)