Monday, November 16, 2009


At last, we are up to date with my current painting.

As I continue to work with my new acrylics I am trying different techniques and experimenting a lot. I have always loved birds of prey and peregrines are one of my favorites. This autumn I had the great chance to study, photograph and draw a life falcon that is now an educational bird as he had a wing amputated after a car strike. A beautiful mature tiercel, he was very dignified, wily and still strong spirited. I tried to do him justice in my painting.

Peregrine Portrait, 9" x 7" acrylic on illustration board

This painting found me struggling for some weeks despite its small size. I had a bit of trouble with a medium used to 'lock' the background becoming milky and there were a few points in time where I was about ready to toss it all out the window. I think many paintings by many artists have that stage! A story that always keeps my heart in things is remembering Bob Kuhn speak in one of my art books about his painting, "A Flap of Vultures" (which I don't think exists online anywhere, else I'd link it). He told how the painting was one that he was very unhappy with for several years and it had even been to some shows, before he finally reworked part and it ended up being one of his best.

Several stages of this painting in progress:

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  1. I do love that story too (I have it in an old Wildlife Art article), and I love this piece! It is so luminous and full of life. :D