Friday, November 13, 2009

Waiting with Watercolors

In my last post, I talked about getting some good artist's tube acrylics. So I sat down, opened up, and several days of research later (and a crying wallet), I had ordered a basic set of Atelier Interactive acrylics. It was either those or Golden Opens... I like the Ateliers better for pigment load and buttery-ness.

While waiting for my woefully out of stock order to come in, I sat down and dedicated two weeks to some watercolor paintings. These are more 'studies' than full out finished works. I could yammer about them at great length, but I'll spare you that and just put a few notes about them!

These first few I painted exclusively with a water-holding sketching brush that I got. Painting an entire piece with a single brush was very interesting.

 Mallard Pair,  5" x 10" on 14lb rough

     Greater Scaup, 5.5" x 10" on 140lb rough

Alert Ruffed Grouse, 9" x 10" on 140lb rough

 Green Heron, 6" x 11" on 140lb cold press         American White Pelican, 6" x 11" on 140lb cold press 

 Finally, I switched to using some different brush sizes. I found that while I really love the little travel brush, it was probably not the best to use it on everyday painting, for me.
The following are where I started using my sable brushes.

Redhead Duck, 6" x 11" on 140lb cold press

Mute Swan- Repose, 6" x 11" on 140lb cold press         Tree Swallow, 5.5" x 10" on 300lb rough

Canada Goose, 7" x 10.5" on 300lb rough

We're very nearly up to date now, and these posts will get much shorter thereafter! I also suppose I should mention, for any interested parties, that these are all very much for sale on the Featherdust Studios site.

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