Tuesday, March 23, 2010


   Here is a painting I worked on for most of February. It was my entry for Colorado's Wildfowl stamp competition, which I just received back yesterday. I worked on this largely with no reference other than my studies and photographs from several waterfowl reference books I have. Since I did not have my own photographs to work from, all of the major aspects of this work were 'made up' - pose, composition, setting, and lighting.
   Ironically, just after I had to ship the painting away I had the opportunity to study some live pintails and found a new understanding of their anatomy (I had only had the chance to study mallards and spoonies before). So, I see a lot of things that I would now do differently... but it is what it is for the time that I painted it! I feel that I am learning a lot every step of the way, which is very exciting to me.

It placed 12th out of 43 entries.

"Chilly Morning - Northern Pintails", 13" x 18", Acrylic on illustration board.

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