Monday, April 26, 2010

Drake Bufflehead

This piece was painted to enter in the Delaware Waterfowl Stamp Competition.
I have always loved buffleheads (affectionately known as butterballs by some) and jumped at the chance to paint them. They are a wonderful and I love that they never stop moving, even when sleeping. If you have never seen one of these little fellows diving and bobbing up in the water you are missing out!

Buffleheads are not a frequent visitor where I reside, and though I do hope to travel sometime in the future to their flyways to better observe and photograph these guys, my time was limited for this painting. Friend and amazing photographer Damian D. was very kind and gifted to me some unpublished photos of buffleheads for me to use in my painting. A great deal of thanks and credit for this paintings very existence go to him! Thank you Damian. You can see his spectacular wildlife photography here. It is well worth checking out.

This piece did not place in the competition, so I will be excited to try again next year.

Drake Bufflehead, 9" x 12", Acrylic on Board

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