Saturday, May 29, 2010

A few Gryphons

Just gearing up for an upcoming convention/show where I know fantasy works tend to be well received. This was some fun self-indulgence!

Both pieces are inked with India inks and then painted with watercolors.

"Wisteria Gryphon", ~11" x 12" on 300lb rough

"Rise" 10" x 14" on 150lb rough


  1. Woah...I really love the angle on Rise! It just has such movement and action to it and I love that splattery looseness! Gestural stuff always butters my bread:D

  2. I just love both of them. I've never seen a griffin with flowers before, and it comes off really pretty. Also the griffin one looks very like a phoenix and I had to look close to see it was a griffin at all. Plus the splattery stuff is so wonderful.

  3. I don't know what it is about the 'dripping paint' on "Rise," but that really sets the piece. Did you use an existing model for the wingset? I can only imagine the difficulty in getting the right flow to their movements at that angle.

  4. Hi Ken! An existing model, as in a reference? In this case, no. Nearly all of my fantasy artworks come straight from my head. :)