Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whoopin' it Up

A pair of Whooping Cranes!

Whooping cranes have this crazy dance they do as a mating ritual. They bounce and hop and flail and looks beautiful, graceful, and completely ridiculous all at the same time. (video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzXiD88cqt8 )

Sadly there is not much footage of them doing this (at least online) because these guys are endangered. Right now I think that the latest numbers are only about 300 in the wild. If you've heard about the cranes that they raise from babies, then guys in ultralite aircraft show the cranes the migration routes, those are likely whooping cranes (though they have done this with other large migratory waterfowl). This is really inspiring and cool stuff. Check it out. http://www.operationmigration.org/

This piece is intentionally executed in a slightly unrealistic, 'romantic' way.

"Whoopin' it Up", Whooping cranes, 10" x 7" acrylic on board. 

Done for an upcoming project calling "Preserving Love" which aims to sell a collection of works featuring male and female pairs of animals, the sales of which will go to benefit wildlife.

This piece is for sale in my web store.

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  1. This is spectacular Jennifer! I was surprised to see how dinky it is. It reads as a large piece!