Thursday, June 3, 2010

Suddenly, a dinosaur

Just for fun!
I love theropods in general, but especially dromaeosauridae.

This is a whimsical depiction of one, and is NOT intended to be scientifically accurate.
I did do my best not to fly in the face of science and do something crazy, I don't have enough paleontological background to claim this as being nearly 'scientifically accurate' to our current knowledge.

I based this off of a deinonychus skeleton, though as I understand that to date there is no irrefutable evidence for them to have feathers like this. I do however know that they found evidence of feather butts in the arm bones of velociraptor, which indicates that they did have arm/wing feathers! They are discovering more and more theropods had feathers, to varying degrees. They have even been able to find some color marker remnants in the fossilized feathers to determine some of the colors the feathers were. That's so cool.

"Dromaeosur Ferns"
Ink and watercolors, 11" x 15" cold press watercolor paper. 
Real ferns were used for the fern impressions.

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  1. I've always pondered on what a completely different world the age of dinosaurs was. I still have a hard time imagining what a real dinosaur would be like if they were still around/cloned/etc.

    But yes, feathered dinosaurs are always fun to draw. The colors! Oh, the colors!

    Good job, as always.

    (Side note: do you do any touchups on any art programs, or are most of your works done by hand? Impressive, either way.)