Thursday, October 21, 2010

Federal Duck Entry

Just a quick post to share my Federal Duck Stamp entry for this year!
Judging was last Friday, and I was elated to watch round one live, broadcast online.
My piece did not make it past round one (5 "OUT" votes) but after seeing the other entries I didn't expect it to. Some really fantastic work this year! You can see them all here.
Here are the scores....
And the top three!

Here is my entry. I think you can tell I struggled with it! It is not the best painting I have ever done. I will try again next year, if I can afford the entry fee. There are some really pretty species to choose from next year!

Northern Shovelers - 9" x 7" Acrylic on Masonite board


  1. Wow. So many entries. But I still like this one.

  2. You should have been happy with your piece, different and very well done.
    It was one of my top ten picks, better luck next year for us all. Going to rework mine for another competition in Feb so not going to post it until after that one is over. Kinda glad it didn't make it in so I can get it back for that purpose.

  3. Beautiful work on the water, you captured the way it gently reflects on their feathers very nicely.

  4. This is way better than you realize...!