Monday, December 6, 2010

Beaks and Cheeks

I love birds and have a great deal of fun painting them! The cormorant below was a cheeky sort of fellow, and I fell in love with his gem-like eye. The cockatiel is actually one of my own parrots (or should I say, she owns me), Zephyr. I've had Zephyr for nearly 11 years now, and she loves to sit on the arm of my chair as I paint and snooze with her 'cheek poof'. It is a great chance to paint from life.

Unfortunately you cannot get a sense of impasto from the scans.

"Double Crested Cormorant", Acrylic on 5" x 7" board

"Cockatiel Cheeks", Acrylic on 5" x 7" board

1 comment:

  1. Zephyr fluff-cheeeks!

    The other pic is really beautiful too, though I'll admit I had to go google cormorants, as I'm unfamiliar with that species. They're pretty interesting birds!