Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hooded Crane

A lovely hooded crane, inspired by some individuals that I 'visited' in January at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Chunky with impasto (which never scans properly of course).

Many species of crane worldwide are seeing a decrease in population, which is putting many on the endangered or threatened species list. To learn more about crane species and how to help if you want to, check out the International Crane Foundation: Some crane species are critically endangered.
Like many of my paintings, once I get this one ready for sale, I will pledge a % of the sale to be donated to the ICF.

 "Hooded Crane" , 5" x 7" Acrylic on Hardboard.


  1. One thing I keep noticing about your wildlife art verses your fantasy art, is how static your wildlife art is. Your fantasy creatures fly and run and have neat angles, while your wildlife critters just sit there. I wish you'd make your wildlife critters a little more dynamic now and then. They're too beautiful to just sit there!

  2. Sorry to sound so harsh. I really do love your art, and I don't mean to come off as a snotty critic, especially when your artwork is so much better than mine. :-)