Tuesday, March 15, 2011

White-Naped Crane

I've been pretty ill lately and while I haven't been able to sit and smush my brushes with acrylic paint, I was able to curl up into my chair and make some shapes with watercolors and a bamboo brush.
As an artist it always feels a little silly to say that I'm "in-between" projects.. because for me, every thing I do is in-between something else!  So while this was certainly painted in-between other things I am working it, it is no less of a painting.

This is inspired by the cranes at the Woodland Park Zoo; this individual was going through a long preening ritual that I find so engrossing. I love preening poses and hope to paint them more into my personal work over time.
"White Naped Crane", Watercolor on 140 lb. rough

1 comment:

  1. I really like the feather layering on his upper back, where you can see the shadows in between the layers. Love the color palate too.