Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hyacinth Macaw

Anyone that's met one of these birds for more than a few minutes know that they are a special kind of blue!

The Hyacinth Macaw is a gorgeous parrot, and is the largest parrot in the world with exception to the Kakapo, which weighs more (the benefit of living on the ground). These gorgeous birds are endangered primarily due to habitat loss, and illegal smuggling of birds for the pet trade (illegal, black market).

Here in the USA we don't really need to worry about wild-caught birds being for sale any more, however something that we can do at home easily to help these birds is to source our coffee carefully! The biggest threat though is loss of habitat due to deforestation-- for agriculture. Coffee and the modern world's thirst for it is one such crop that is really hurting the land. Read more here:

 "A Special Kind of Blue - Hyacinth Macaw", Watercolors on rough, with small amounts of genuine copper leaf. Approximately 15" x 15"

 The circles around the bird are done in copper leaf; that is real copper applied to special glazing. The rough edges are intentional, to go with the crunchy watercolor edges. Sadly, metallic copper scans poorly. It looks way prettier in person, and flashes nicely.


  1. I love the warm background tones with this one. Gorgeous composition.

  2. Just joined your two blogs, which I will enjoy reading as often as I can. Love your official website too, beautifully done!
    Oh!, must not forget your artwork, I am very inspired by your magnificent masterpieces!
    Regards Maria
    (Also a member on Deviantart)