Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Great Many Things!

A great many things have been done, painted, printed, and arted since my last post! What a whirlwind this summer and fall have been for me.

First off, it's that time of year! Everyone is thinking of gifts to give loved ones, friends, colleagues, and perhaps even themselves. While I suspect that I'm preaching to the artist-loving choir here, whenever you shop with small businesses and individual artisans, unlike when you shop at chain stores, you are much more directly supporting real people. Consider doing even just a little of your shopping with small businesses or artisans, even if it's not me!

If you do like my work, however, I've got a bunch of new things this year!

Jewelry lovers, I have many new pendants, with some more in the works for December. They are made with a lot of love, care, and really high quality materials.

I also have several new prints, originals, and other goodies in my shop. Feel free to browse!

In exciting news, the book that I did the cover for, "Song of the Summer King," has been printed in hardcover! They are lovely books, and for now the first edition are available only from the author or myself in small numbers. They are signed copies, and lovely to behold.

For those that want some practical art, I have a few calendars available, as printed through Zazzle. Zazzle often runs promotions, so it's worth checking them out on different days if you want to get a better deal. First off is a silly calendar, featuring photos of my silly chicken, Derperella. Then, there is a calendar featuring just some of the bird paintings I've done recently, called "Birds are the Best". Finally, there is a wildlife art calendar using my paintings, which features the same images as last year (just in case you already have one!).

My painting for the Werewolf Calendar
If you are into werewolves at all, there is also a special calendar project I took part of, called The Werewolf Calendar. This is a really cool project because each month features the art from a different artist, and each painting has been made for this year's calendar so it's always new art!  They are really reasonably priced, too. You can get them through this website.

I'm also trying something really new this year-- shirts! For the fantasy lovers, I have one of my watercolor Gryphons on shirts, here. For wildlife/bird lovers, my painting of a Lady Amherst's Pheasant is on these shirts, and for the chicken fans, I used the lyric of Three French Hens as an excuse to draw three Faverolles hens on a shirt!

Whew! Okay... now that that's out of the way!

It has been a very busy year for me, artistically. I've done so much painting in various media that I'm still surprised by how much art I've made. Here's a sampling!

"Watching the Life of Birds" - Digital painting

This painting was a delight. I was contacted to be a Guest of Honor at Midwest Furfest, which is an animal based convention. Their theme was "It Came From TV", and I was eager to jump into a painting of a group of birds watching a program with Sir David Attenborough (the scene on the television set is from "The Life of Birds" by the BBC). If you are lover of birds and have not watched this program, then please consider making the time to do so! It is well worth it!

"Hart of the Oak" - Digital Painting
Along with the painting above, I was asked to do several other artworks for the convention. One was a print for the sponsors, and as I've long wanted to paint Red Deer, out came this painting of a lovely hart on a foggy winter morning. A special thanks to Adrian Scottow, as he gave me kind permission to use his photos for inspiration on the setting.

Lanner Falcon Study - Watercolor
This was a piece I did in-between jobs for other clients, and is based on life observations and photos I took of this beautiful falcon!

"An Ancient Pursuit" - Acrylic on Board
This piece was a commission for a client, of a pair of Deinonychus-- they are intensely focused on the possible meal of a gobiconodon.

"Long-Tailed Ducks" - Arcylic on Board
I am sure by now none of you are surprised by my duck paintings! Here, a hen and drake Long-Tailed duck pair (formerly Oldsquaw) bob on one of the great lakes after feeding. I've got it for sale, if these ducks whistle your fancy!

"In the Crook of the Oak" - Digital Painting

"Atlantic Brant" - Acrylic on Board

"Gryphon Tag" - Ink and Watercolor